Bunny Clogs

What is or are Bunny Clogs? Beatrix Potter hopped up on Goofers? Captain Kangaroo singing Run DMC’s”License to ILL?” A threeway train wreck between Kraftwerk, the Beastie Boys and Harry Nilsson? A toilet paper party with Henry Kissinger in a bad Philidelphia neighborhood? Randy Newman and Dr. Seuss hijacking a Parliament Funkadelic show? The Beatles on a solid macaroni and cheese diet? Perhaps all of the above.

Bunny Clogs is Shel Silverstein-meets-Prince surreal dance fun. The debut record, “More! More! More!” is not your run-of-the-mill strummy, folky kids’ record. Part comedy record with weird characters, part dance party with all of the attendent drum loops and house and hip-hop accoutrements, and part subtle message of peace, love and positive gastronomy, Adam Levy’s Bunny Clogs is music for kids of ALL ages.

“More! More! More!” was largely a family affair, recorded at home with his children in between work on Levy’s primary muse the Honeydogs. His daughters sing throughout it and his son Daniel did the art work for the record. Levy finished work on ‘More! More! More!’ with students at the music school at which he he teaches: The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis.

Stylistically, Bunny Clogs’ “More! More! More!” reflects Levy’s longtime 60’s and 70’s soul influences that he honed with his side project band, Hookers $ Blow. Throw in a little British Invasion, Brazilian pop, contemporary hip hop, and old school and new electronica and you get close to a description of this eclectic comedic/musical offering.

Bunny Clogs’ “More! More! More”! asks the big questions: “Is there life in outer space?” “Should we be eating our broccoli?” “Is it OK to dance when no-one else is?” And “are children chick magnets?”


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