Liminal Phase


In the field of cultural anthropology, rites of passage are important periods for humans in society. The liminal phase marks a transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed – a situation which can lead to new perspectives. An anthropology student once himself, Adam Levy, (The Honeydogs, Hookers $ Blow, Bunny Clogs) has founded a new, experimental project, Liminal Phase, which combines old and new sounds with electronic and acoustic instrumentation, leaving traditional song forms at the wayside. This hard-to-categorize band has been wowing audiences in the Twin Cities club circuit for over a year, and now, with the release their debut effort LP on Simon Recordings (NYC) they prove their sound is just as transcendent in the studio.

Weaving avant garde tonalities and captivating melodic ideas into expansive improvised soundscapes that touch on jazz, psychedelia and West African syncopation, Liminal Phase features Levy on guitars, DeVon Gray (Heiruspecs) on bassoon, flute and keys, Lisa Hirst-Carnes on oboe and harmonium, Joey Van Phillips (Mystery Palace, Dessa, Gayngs) on drums, as well as Levy’s former students Dan Zamzow (Cloud Cult, Deep Soul Deities) on cello and DJ Nathan Brende adding diverse electronic textures.



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